Group Hotels

Hotel Kanra Kyoto is the 'Machiya style hotel' that makes visitors feel the sensibility of the old town Kyoto.

‘Hotel Kanra Kyoto' that UDS planned, designed and operates is the renovation project of a 23 year-old educational facility. The educational facility was converted into this modern hotel with the Kyoto’s traditional architectural style. The hotel name, Kan-ra represents 感 (=Feel) and 洛 (=Capital City) in Japanese. We design to 感 (=Feel) the beauty, wisdom and hospitality nurtured in this traditional Japanese city 洛 (=Capital City). We also invite students for a field trip and give learning programs such as traditional craftsmanship and cuisine for them to know the traditions in this historical town.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto is the place where the contemporary art and culture in Kyoto gather together.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto, that UDS both planed, designed and operates is housed in the complex which was converted from a dormitory to a hotel and an apartment building. Anteroom means a next room or a waiting room and here represents a preparation room for a trip in Kyoto. At the same time, Hotel Anteroom Kyoto provides living space like atmosphere where close friends gather together. In the apartment building, we operate a cafeteria for student residents called ‘Relax Cafeteria.’

Service Office

LEAGUE is the workspace to build network with future business friends.

LEAGUE is the serviced office complex where workers are able to choose their workspaces’ sizes and ways of use. In this modern design office, the operation staff called ‘coordinator' will help workers build a new community here. In addition to those features, when making a reservation of working space online, workers are able to publish and share their own ‘Knowledge’ (profession and skills). Other workers are able to check what kind of professionals will come on the day of the reservation and decide who they are going to meet and share their Knowledge with. Also, the rent is payable with their social capital earned by sharing their Knowledge here with others. Simply by logging into their own SNSs, they are able to meet together both in virtual and real spaces, which facilities more various communications.